From compacting rock to build roads to rollers to finish the paving of the road, we have your needs covered. Sheep’s foot rollers and large smooth drum rollers for dirt work & smooth double drum rollers for finish work.

We have compaction equipment for those hard to manage sites, especially in restrictive areas where smaller equipment with maneuverability and power is needed.

Compaction Roller 10-13 Ton Smooth & Padfoot

Hooker Creek offers 10-13 Ton smooth and padfoot, single drum rollers used for medium to heavy soil compaction work.
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Compaction Roller Asphalt & Paving Smooth Double Drum

Hooker Creek offers the IR DD-90 vibratory asphalt compactors. They have 66 inch wide drums and provide high performance for...
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Compaction Roller Smooth Dbl Drum 47″-54″

Hooker Creek offers a great light tandem roller for soil compaction and asphalt patching. Ideal for footpaths and repair work...
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Compactor Jumping Jack Rammer

Hooker Creek offers Jumping Jack Rammers.
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Compactor Vibratory Plate

Hooker Creek offers Vibratory Plate compactors.
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