Equipment Repair and Servicing

$87.50/hour labor rate

Service and repair to all sizes and manufacturer of all equipment and tools

Large Equipment Hauling

$120/hour trip time labor rate

Permitting and pilot car service coordination (additional costs may apply)

Maximum load

Small Truck Delivery Service

$35/hour trip time labor rate

Max load 20,000 lbs.

Custom Rebar Bends and Cuts

Fabrication up to #6 bar

All degree bends available (except circular hoops)

Cut fee: .15 for #3 and #4 | .25 for #5 and #6 (per cut)

Bend fee: .25 for #3 and #4 | .35 for #5 and #6 (per bend)

Shop drawings not available at this time

Purchase of our stock rebar required

Bend Oregon Large Equipment Hauling

Truck Delivery Service Central Oregon

Construction Equipment Repair & Servicing